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Brazilian Rosewood

Some call the Brazilian rosewood the "Holy Grail of Tone woods" which some say is all hype. What is not in dispute is the price to buy this tone wood and the requirement to get a CITES document for an instrument if you travel to many countries. Basically, no CITES document when you travel may mean your high priced instrument can get confiscated. There are horror stories of muscians doing gigs in Canada and losing their instruments forever to border authorities. THEREFORE, I DO NOT HAVE CITES DOCUMENTS FOR THE UKULELE I MANUFACTURE. I GET THE WOOD ON EBAY AND IF THEY DON'T SEND IT WITH THE CITES DOCUMENT, THEN I SELL IT WITH THIS CAVEAT. If you travel out of the U.S. it can get confiscated. When I travel and they ask, I say East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia).
Having said that, below is the address from the shipping label for a bunch of Brazilian rosewood I got on an eBay auction. It was expensive.

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