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Surf Cruiser

Biography and specifications


Birthplace: Surf Cruiser was born on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Surf Cruiser is an acoustic-electric tenor `ukulele. It is solid koa wood construction. The top and bottom sound boards are solid pieces and not book matched like most `ukulele and guitar. Solid piece sound-boards construction is not common. Likewise, the neck was crafted from a solid wood block and not from stacked and angled-cut pieces. This also is not a common design. Both of these factors will be found in `ukulele instruments in the higher priced range. Expect to pay more when purchasing a solid koa `ukulele with solid sound boards and a solid block neck.


Specifications: Overall length is 27 inches. Upper bout 6 inches wide, lower bout 8.75 inches wide. Weight 1.75 pounds. The scale is 17 inches. The fret board and head plate are rosewood. Interior braces are spruce, the heel block, tail block, back plate brace, sound hole patch, and tentalones are mahogany. The nut is bone and the saddle is corian. Tuners are by GOTOH. Gotoh's use a higher gear ratio than most tuning machines (16:1) providing extremely accurate tuning. These tuners incorporate close tolerance machining with a solid lubricating coat that is permanently bonded to the worm gear. The "Lubri-Coat"TM has been tested at temperatures below freezing to over 100 degrees.  Strings are by Worth. Worth ukulele strings are fluro-carbon and very stable in holding pitch. Since fluoro-carbon has higher density than nylon, the strings are smaller and more vibrant resulting in louder tone and greater sustain.


Design: Surf Cruiser  is another Heaukulani `ukulele in the Hawaiian surfing theme series. The fretboard features a Hawaiian surf woody scene inlay made of mother-of-pearl and paua abalone shell. The rosette is paua abalone. The binding is faux tortoise. The purfling design is herringbone. The heel cap is paua abalone. The head plate inlay features the Heau plant (Exocarpos menziesii), a rare species found only on the Big Island of Hawaii at high elevations. Heau in Hawaiian language means “Tide” and the Heaukulani name in Hawaiian means “A tide stands in  heaven.” Needless to say, the Heaukulani family embraces this plant as part of its heritage.


Electric pick-up: Surf Cruiser is fitted with an active piezo-electric under saddle transducer. It has a convenient exterior battery compartment with a low battery indicator.


Care and feeding: Surf Cruiser was allowed to season in a controlled environment of 45 percent relative humidity. Any stringed instrument cannot survive in a hot car or hot climate which causes wood shrinkage. Likewise, areas of high humidity may cause wood swelling. Keep the instrument in a case in a climate controlled location when in storage as much as possible. Wax and polish occasionally. Hold the bridge down when removing bridge pins for string changes.


MSRP $1,000 (sold)

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